The Euregion-portalsite is a portal to multiple websites that present the different aspects of the region to you. There is a site for lifestyle, one for (touristic) city-information, one for regional business news and one for various local news so you can find all sorts of information.
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Hot topic : Euregion.

Everyone in the area is familiar with the concept Euregio from the press and newspapers. So why this site? The idea for this site grew because there is no central access-site on the web that provides an easily accessible source of information about the different aspects of (business-) life in the Euregion. No matter how we looked, we only found separate ideas and websites. About business info, about magazines that highlight a specific aspect like the business-world or tourism, the very different cities with their own very different info-sites that often are very confusingly structured.

Taking on the challenge.

This led to the idea to bring together all these sources of information in a new modern style and with a contemporary design and offer it to you as customer-visitor. We try to do that in a magazine- style but made accessible in an electronic web-format and in an attractive way for you. We hope profoundly that you will enjoy this site and that it will serve its purpose. In that case we will have succeeded in our goals. If not, then we will have to step up the effort to realise our targets... You will certainly guide us in the right direction while we develop this site. We wish you a lot of pleasure visiting our site. May it be a source of information and inspiration to you!

Welcome! The euregion-portal opens for you!

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